Underwriting messages that the FCC didn't like


KFLO-LP - S&T Food Outlet

S&T is open to the public, and they now accept food vouchers. You’ll be surprised by the quality and price on meats, such as pork chops, fish, hot wings, and all cuts of chicken, vegetables, and appetizers, like pepper poppers, cheese sticks, mushrooms and corn nuggets, making it worth the drive to Trumann. S&T Food Outlet, inside Couch’s Barbecue, at 405 Highway 463 South in Trumann. Proud to underwrite gospel programming and information on 102.9 FM KFLO. 

The LPFM admitted that the copy included phrases that imply quality or price comparisons.  

REC opinion: Accepting food vouchers (SNAP, food stamps, WIC, EBT, etc.) could imply a price since the listener is not paying and can also be qualitative as it highlights a "feature" of the business as not all stores may accept vouchers.  Saying that the listener would be "surprised by the ... price" would suggest a price comparison with a like business that may be charge more.

KFLO-LP - C.J. Watkins Construction

C.J. Watkins Construction Company services families throughout Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri with custom windows, doors and siding, enclosures, carports and complete remodeling. All completed work comes with a full warranty. C.J. Watkins Construction Company has a toll free number. That number is 1-877-259-2854. C.J. Watkins Construction Company.

The FCC cites that this copy impermissibly induces patronage of the underwriter's business by advertising that "all completed work comes with a full warranty".

KFLO-LP - Echoquest

Echoquest introduces The Fresh Air, an advanced air system that will eliminate smoke and odor. The Fresh Air combines natural environmental processes with state-of-the-art technology to create a more efficient way to keep you free of smoke and odor. The Fresh Air can also be used to kill mold, mildew, and bacteria. Fresh Air independent distributor John Neal would like to offer more information. John Neal, independent distributor for The Fresh Air by Echoquest. The toll free number is 1-888-309-2173. That’s 1-888-309-2173, or 870-258-4173 for a bundle of Fresh Air, by Echoquest.

The FCC states that the characterization of the product is not value-neutral, but rather casts the product in a favorable light, distinguishes it from its competitor through comparative and qualitative terms and thus improperly promotes the for-profit underwriter.

Christian Voice of Central Ohio - Tastee Freeze

Planning a special occasion? Tasty Freeze, at the airport exit off of I-70, has ice cream cakes for that office celebration, birthdays, anniversaries, or for that special event you’ve planned. These cakes, tastefully decorated by Bobby Tim, are available in 8 or ten inch. Tasty Freeze, at the airport exit off of I-70, is open 7 days a week from noon until 10 p.m. Also available at Tasty Freeze: Hearth and Home Ohio Bicentennial candles by lum-lite, ice cream treats or ice cream cakes, it’s Tasty Freeze, 588-9314.

Planting a thought in the listener's mind (planning a special occasion?) can suggest an incitement to consider using the business.  "Tastefully decorated" goes right for a qualitative comparison as not everyone may tastefully decorate a cake.  This copy also has a lot of menu-selling and goes beyond the bounds of a simple underwriter acknowledgement.

Christian Voice of Central Ohio - Runner Land Company

Are you looking for land for hunting, recreational purposes, home building or as an investment? Runner Land Company, a family-owned business, purchases large parcels of property and farms in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, for the purpose of subdividing them into potential home sites or recreational lots. Owner financing available, Runner Land Company for more than 16 years helping people become property owners. Runner Land Company, we don’t list acreage, we buy it. Exit 41 off of I-77 in Byeville (740) 685-3064.

Like with Tastee Freeze, you can't ask the listener a question like this.  You can't use the acknowledgement to give a reason (other than the fact that they support the station) a reason to contact a business.  Discussing financing, even if interest rates or prices are not being mentioned is a no-no.  It can also be seen as qualitative is it suggests a feature that may make this a better business than another real estate company.  "We don't list acerage, we buy it" is a very grey area situation, especially with other FCC attitudes where it comes to established slogans (like Subway, Eat Fresh).  PBS and NPR have good attorneys, you likely will not. I would avoid it.

Christian Voice of Central Ohio - Salon Priorities

Want the look you’ve always dreamed of? Salon Priorities is a full service salon specializing in innovative hairstyles. Salon Priorities has distinctive new styles to extenuate your features. Salon Priorities, where the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, Salon Priorities, your premier source for hair design, features Alterna and Kenra products. Salon Priorities, 963 Linden Avenue, next to modern glass in Zanesville, Salon Priorities, hair with attitude head on, 454- 3128.

Qualitative (innovative, distinctive, relaxed and friendly) and comparative (your premier source).   You can't put your underwriter ahead of other businesses.

Christian Voice of Central Ohio - Williamson Insurance

“You reach a certain age where suddenly it’s not about where are we gong to go on Friday night,” [says] Phil Urban, president and CEO of Grange Insurance, “it’s about children, and a mortgage, and responsibilities, and it can add up to a pretty good amount of money, and making sure you’ve got the right life insurance is absolutely a part of the strategy.” Protecting your assets and debt is the key to your financial responsibility. Grange Insurance is there and so is Williamson Insurance in Zanesville. Williamson Insurance is your local independent Grange agent, whether it’s home, farm, business or life insurance. Williamson Insurances’ personalized service and attention to detail can make a big difference in good times and bad. All backed by the strength of Grange Insurance, Williamson Insurance, 453-0791, and they’re at 2115 Maple Avenue in Zanesville. Williamson Insurance is now located temporarily at 3562 Maple Avenue in the Colony Center while they build to serve you better.

First and foremost.. too long!  This goes well beyond acknowleding the identity of an underwiter.  Otherwise, very qualitative.

Christian Voice of Central Ohio - Prindle GMAC Real Estate

Prindle GMAC Real Estate is proud to be an underwriter of Christian radio, located at 1805 Maple Avenue in Zanesville. Prindle GMAC Real Estate is experienced in all types of real estate sales. At Prindle GMAC Real Estate, we’re all about family. Dick Pryor of Prindle GMAC Real Estate offers over 25 years of home buying and home selling experience. Dick Pryor and Prindle GMAC Real Estate, we love selling real estate. Dick Pryor, 454-9191.

Quantitative and qualitative.  

Christian Voice of Central Ohio - Snouffer Funeral Home

Snouffer Funeral Home with all the warmth of home. This is Josh Snouffer, owner and funeral director of Snouffer Funeral Home, Zaneville’s nicest, largest, and most affordable funeral home. With the loss of a loved one, there are so many things to do. That’s why Snouffer Funeral Home is there for you. Snouffer Funeral Home is here for you, with a convenient location, ample parking, large viewing rooms, a spacious chapel, and for your convenience, no steps, ramps, or elevators, an outdoor patio, and a special area for your children. I extend my personal invitation for you and your family to discuss with me your pre-planning funeral needs; in-home visits are available. Snouffer Funeral Home, we are here for you, before, during, and after your loss. Snouffer Funeral Home, 1150 West Military Road in Zanesville, 740-450-8000, or snoufferfuneralhome.com.

This one is loaded with inticement (warmth of home, we're here for you, etc.), qualitative (convenient location, no steps or ramps), quantiative (ample parking, large viewing rooms, etc.) and let's throw in a call to action (I extend my personal invitation... to discuss).   This is just wrong on all parts.

Christian Voice of Central Ohio - Hague Quality Water

The real flavor of water refreshes and satisfies, but today, enjoying a drink of water may not be as simple as filling your glass from the tap. Even in approved municipal systems, the goodness is often marred by minerals, organic matter, or chlorine. A Hague drinking water system, with reverse osmosis, turns ordinary tap water into a continuous supply of fresh water. Quality products, quality service, quality support by quality people, it’s all in their name, Hague Quality Water, West Main Street in Zanesville, 740-455-3202.

Everything but the name, address and phone number in this copy is just wrong.

Christian Voice of Central Ohio - Cambridge Classic Ford and Caldwell Classic Chevrolet

With any new car or truck purchased, Cambridge Classic Ford and Caldwell Classic Chevrolet will provide an oil change and car wash for five years or 50,000 miles. The 5/50 oil and bath, available at Cambridge Classic Ford and Caldwell Classic Chevrolet. Don’t buy any old car, but a classic. 740-439-7767 or toll-free 888-882-5393.

Implying a free service with purchase, announcing the availability of a service.  Top it off with a call to action. 

Christian Voice of Central Ohio - The School House

Are you looking for creative learning materials? The School House, your parent-teacher supply store, has two locations, in Newark and Zanesville, to serve you. The School House has accessories for teachers, schools, home-schoolers, including Alpha-Omega home school curriculum, grandparents, youth-serving organizations, and anyone working with children. The School House, where learning and fun come together, 1218 Brandywine Boulevard in Zanesville, and 36 South Third Street in Newark. Zanesville, 455-6445; Newark, 345-7710.

There's that question again.  Showing that the business is available to "serve" will be an enticement.  The "learning and fun" part is one of those grey area slogans.

KUAL-LP - Northern Safari Army Navy Store

Hey, if you need anything for the great outdoors, our new sponsor, Northern Safari Army Navy, can help you out. They carry camping supplies, backpacks, tents, all season clothing, which is, by the way, where I buy all my clothes, military surplus, knives, and paintball; that’s right, paintball. How much cooler can you get than that? Basically, it’s all the cool stuff you need to have fun outside. Northern Safari is located at 1610 South Hastings Way, and if you want to see if they have something in stock, you can give them a call at 833-1942. Northern Safari is where I shop, and I think it’s cool as hell.

The FCC stated that this message, and the one for Westside Cycle below seek to promote their respective underwriters through comparative and qualitative descriptions and references that seek to induce patronage.  Let's not forget the nice big call to action on this one.  This one goes well beyond the business card.

KUAL-LP - Westside Cycle

Hi, this is Chad, owner of Westside Cycle. People hate being told by the bigger dealerships that their ride is too damn old to be worked on. Westside Cycle will work on any motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile, from regular scheduled maintenance to complete rebuilds, custom paint, even hand-built choppers. I’ve been a mechanic for over 12 years so your ride is in good hands with me. In addition to service, we sell used motorcycles, and we’ll match any magazine deal on parts or accessories and order them online for next-day delivery. So if you like dealing with a small shop or you get to talk to the owner, then Westside Cycle is for you. We’re located at 1620 Westgate Road, off of Cameron Street in Eau Claire, or you can reach us by phone at 832-8300. Westside Cycle: Keeping the breeze between your knees.

See the Northern Safari copy above for the FCC's opinion on this one.  I strongly suggest against having the business owner record their own underwriting message.  The idea is to acknowledge, not pass a message.