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REC Networks statement on the death of Christopher Allen Brackner

On September 18, 2007, Christopher Allen Brackner ended his life in an apparent suicide.

Brackner was a frequent user of REC's property POWERPUFF.COM and went by the username MewSkitty.

The entire REC family is deeply saddened by this tragic incident, especially in light of the multiple situations that led up to this.

While we understand and respect someone's decision to take their own life, we must do what we can to prevent these situations. Unfortunately we sometimes feel backed into a wall and feel that there is no alternative than to just end it all. Intervention in a way that is proactive but not intrusive is one of the best ways of handling situations like this.

HCX cancels some shows in advance of a possible November closedown

REC Networks is announcing today that it will be removing certain pre-recorded programs from Hardcore XTRA that are not directly distributed by the W0KIE Satellite Radio Network.

This includes Hardcore XTRA's presentations of:
- This Week In Amateur Radio International
- World of Radio
- Mediageek
- This Week In Tech
- Off The Hook

Programming currently fed by W0KIE (including our timeshifted reruns) will continue to be presented.

REC is also giving notice that at the end of November, our current agreement with Live365 for Hardcore XTRA is expiring and at this time, we have no plans to renew it. Many of the reasons stem around the increased broadcast costs and lower revenue recovery as a result of the new copyright laws.

So Cal LPFM in big trouble with FCC

On September 12, 2007, the FCC has issued a Notice of Violation (NoV) to Vida Abundante, licensee of KJVA-LP in San Bernardino.

The NoV states that the station was operating at an unauthorized location, operated with an output power far exceeding what was authorized and with a high-gain antenna thus resulting in an effective radiated power (ERP) of 2,900 watts that far exceeded the allowable ERP of 100 watts for LPFM stations.

Vida has the usual 20 days to respond to the NoV to explain each violation and what corrective actions are being taken to correct the violations.

Application freeze affecting LPFM stations on 88.1-92.5

Due to the upcoming NCE-FM filing window in October, the FCC has declared an application freeze and will not accept any minor change applications for channels 201-220 (88.1 to 91.9) until the end of the window on Friday, October 19, 2007.

In addition, the freeze will also impact non-reserved band channels 221, 222 and 223 (92.1, 92.3 and 92.5).

The freeze will go into effect at 12AM ET on September 8, 2007.

All stations, including LPFMs will not be able to file minor change applications during this freeze.

For more information, see the FCC document:

NCE-FM: For LPFM stations, is primary status really worth it?

With the recent filing window coming up for new non-commercial educational (NCE) stations, some LPFM operators may think that this is their "security blanket" to a primary service. Before LPFM operators get their hopes up on this primary service nirvana, LPFMers should be aware of the additional responsibilities that come with the territory.

As we have learned with previous opportunities to file for NCE-FM stations, the number of situations where applications can be mutually exclusive are very high, especially in more suburban and urban areas. Some MX applications have gone for over 10 years before either a settlement agreement or comparative review. There is no "if there's 3 equally qualified applicants, we will split the license" rule with NCE-FM.

MB 07-172: AM stations operating FM translators

The FCC has posted a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) regarding the ability for AM broadcast stations to be able to have their programming heard on FM translators under certain conditions. This was proposed by the NAB. A copy of the NPRM can be found here.

REC asks readers to be careful when they notice footnote #32 where it states that REC "supports the NAB petition for stand-alone AM stations" as this may get mis-read as overall support for the proposal.

Please read our comments in RM-11338 for our exact position on AM Translators. In a nutshell, REC would support AM use of translators under the following circumstances:

REC Networks statement on the death of Hal Fishman

It is with deep regret that we report today on the death of veteran KTLA newsman Hal Fishman. As someone who has grown up in Los Angeles since the mid-1970's, I considered Hal Fishman as the voice of Los Angeles news. His delivery was in a method that addressed authority and did not advocate fluff. Even though I have been living in Phoenix since 1995, I still continue to watch KTLA to this day via satellite. KTLA and Fishman are my link to my true home in Southern California. Hal has always been welcome in my house every night at 10PM PT and he will be missed.

Michelle A. Eyre
for REC Networks

REC Networks statement on Nacchio sentence

As a former Qwest employee and stockholder, I am satisfied with the prison sentence and fines that have been levied on Mr. Nacchio as a result of the criminal acts that committed against the shareholders, the employ of Qwest and the overall public trust. The prison sentence is being called the stiffest so far.

Under Nacchio, Qwest was driven to the point of skirting backruptcy while employees (both management and occupational) lost their faith in the company as a result of Nacchio's actions. Many unecessary risks were taken, many jobs (both management and occupational) were lost and entire centers were closed and sent to vendors during Nacchio's tenure.

REC supports civil litigation by the shareholders to attempt to recover losses.


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