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Feb 1 & 16 IN KY TN AL AR GA LA MS 2/3 AR LA MS
Mar 1 & 16 IN KY TN AR LA MS  
Apr 1 & 16 MI OH AR IN KY LA MS TN 4/1 IN KY TN

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REC publishes Information Sheet for those planning to comment in the LPFM rulemaking

While we encourage all proponents to support the future development and expansion of LPFM stations in comments, for those who wish to specifically address the issues that the FCC is raising in this second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM), REC has complied a list of the questions and issues the FCC is seeking comments on. Our listing is in a bulleted list format for ease of reading. When we file detailed comments, we first prepare a document like this to work off of.

REC encourages everyone to read the Report and Order and Second FNPRM.

Our doucment does not express any opinions. We will be releasing positional information on issues at a later time and for some issues, after consultation with our allies.

FCC Considers Reallocation of TV Channels 5 & 6 to FM Audio Broadcasting

Deep in a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for broadcast diversity (MB Docket 07-294), the Federal Communications Commission, acting on a recommendation by Mullaney Engineering, would propose the expansion of the FM Broadcast Band to include the spectrum of TV Channels 5 and 6 (76-88 MHz).

If approved, this could open opportunities for 60 additional channels to the existing 100 channels.

The spectrum between 76-88 MHz is already used for FM broadcast in Japan (their FM band is from 76-90 MHz and they have television in the 90-108 MHz range).

REC will be working together with our allies and media partners to provide our own concept of an expanded Channel 5 & 6 spectrum.

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Comments of Mullaney Engineering

REC participates in Low Power FM Leadership Day

This past week, REC had supported Low Power Leadership Day, an event thrown by our allies at Prometheus Radio Project. This event attracted several people from the independent media community as well as the operators of LPFM and NCE-FM stations.

During the event in Washington DC, REC's Michelle Eyre gave an overview of the situation surrounding translators, the Great Translator Invasion and how LPFM stations protect translators. Various others spoke on other topics.

On Tuesday, Michelle and others visited the FCC to give presentations to the Media Bureau staff. In the afternoon, everyone was let loose on the Senate and the House.

REC's Michelle Eyre to announce AZ Bruisers roller derby event

TEMPE, AZ - - Michi-chan Roller Sports Productions, a part of REC Networks is proud to announce that REC Networks founder and hostess of the popular Arizona Derby Report video program, Michelle A. Eyre known in the derby world as "Michi-chan" will be doing the jam by jam (or play by play) announcing of the February 16, 2008 scrimmage between the Arizona Bruisers and Duke City Derby from Albuquerque, NM.

Joining her at the mic will be King Daevid Mackenzie from KPHX radio who will be doing color commentary during the scrimmage.

Michi-chan recently announced jam-by-jam of the previous Arizona Bruisers scrimmage against the Tucson Roller Derby Copper Queens. A copy of this can be found on YouTube.

Statement of REC Networks on the FCC's LPFM R&O

We are pleased that the FCC has taken some major steps to protect locally owned community based LPFM stations.

REC is concerned that the 10 application limit to translators will still not result in too many new LPFM channels becoming available. The damage was already done when the FCC granted the singleton applications in the GTI window. REC feels that LPFM should have priority over speculative translators.

Until 3rd adjacent is lifted, the FCC needs to change some rules such as the massive overprotection of TV Channel 6 and FM translators.

We look forward to updating our information, once we get it!

Preliminary Statement of REC Networks on FCC's LPFM Decision

As with many in the LPFM community, we are pleased with many aspects of the FCC's decision on LPFM from last week's Commission meeting. We will comment further when the official Report and Order (R&O) comes out. We also plan to participate in the Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

This R&O does bring some new opportunities for new reports and database applications.