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Hardcore J to become J1FM

J1FM Logo

To our Hardcore J and Hardcore ONE listeners:

REC Networks has announced today that its long running and successful Japanese popular music (JPOP) webcast Hardcore J will undergo an image and slight format change. After the change, Hardcore J will be reimaged as J1FM ("J-one FM" or just "J-one") and will continue to operate a JPOP format.

DTV conversion going smooth in Phoenix

Here in the Phoenix area where REC is based, we have been seeing TV stations cutting off their analog signals and so far, the bumps in the road have been very few. The FCC has authorized TV stations to make the cut at any time during the day today. They are not required to cut at 11:59PM as originally ruled.

Here's a current rundown of all of our stations here in the Phoenix market:

REC updates LPFM tool for post DTV - temporary warning for use below 92 MHz

The REC LPFM and Mobile LPFM search tools have been updated. The tools will now no longer consider full power domestic TV Channel 6 allocations when searching for channels 201 through 220. These analog stations will also not appear in the channel reports or the reject reports.

REC users are advised that until the conclusion of the FCC's DTV "night-light" program in July. After that time, the station would have concluded analog services and the data would likely be valid.

For a list of night-light stations, please visit:

REC applauds Appeals Court's decision on LPFM encroachment

Media Access Project reports that the DC Circuit Appeals Court has ruled in favor of the FCC in the case of a legal challenge by the National Association of Broadcasters regarding the FCC's December 2007 order establishing new guidelines for processing full power FM broadcast applications when such applications could displace Low Power FM stations operating on a second adjacent channel. In the ruling, the Court had determined that the way the Radio Broadcast Preservation Act was written, it applied statutory restrictions only to third adjacent channel protections and still permitted the FCC to apply the policy to second adjacent. Prometheus Radio Project intervened in the case.

REC Networks congratulates Media Access Project and Prometheus for their involvement in the ongoing battle to protect local independent non-commercial community broadcasting.

Your favorite REC memories

REC Networks started on July 20, 1984 on a telephone answering machine in a closet. To this day, the REC name is still strong in niche entertainment as well as support and education for our various causes.

Some of you may be here because of the broadcast information but some may stumble through here due to you at one time being a part of an REC activity.

Coming soon, I will be opening a phone line where you can call up and leave messages about your memories of REC and telephone entertainment in general. Stay tuned at recnet.com for more info.