Upcoming Renewal Announcement Dates

  Pre-File Post-File Filing Deadline
Jan 1 & 16 AR LA MS AL GA  
Feb 1 & 16 IN KY TN AL AR GA LA MS 2/3 AR LA MS
Mar 1 & 16 IN KY TN AR LA MS  

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A special announcement from Michelle A. Eyre of REC Networks

Welcome to the new RECNET.COM website! We have finally taken the direction of using a content management solution. We had decided to use Drupal. In the past, we had tried to use Joomla with some very bad results.

Now with the exception of some fringe content, all of the primary REC content has been moved over here. You will find all of the tools that you are used to using on the blue menu just under the REC logo at the top of the page.

We have added a couple of new interesting things.

PHX area weather continue to impact REC services

Due to major storm on August 28 which brought rain and near hurricane force winds to the Phoenix area as well as subsequent nightly rain, REC services are subject to intermittent interruptions, especially in the mornings due to wet cables.

Qwest has been made aware of the situation but we are currently one of many who are experiencing service issues. REC appreciates your patience while we work to get this problem resolved.

The "Grandfather of Phones" Al Bernay dead at 71

According to reports received by REC Networks, Al Diamond, known in the telephone entertainment and phone phreak world as "Al Bernay" has passed away yesterday in Thousand Oaks, CA. He is believed to be 71.

Al has been well known for his previous business where he sold maps to the stars homes in the Hollywood area as well as the phone line that supported that business called "The Maps To Stars Homes Educational Tapes". Al was also a school teacher in which he spent many years teaching at various private schools.

REC files comments in support of LPFM

REC Networks has filed comments on the Low Power FM second notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM). In comments, REC supports various pro-LPFM initiatives proposed by the FCC including second adjacent channel waivers as well as compensation to LPFM stations when full power FM stations make a change of its community of license or other facility changes.

REC feels that more room for LPFM can be achieved by eliminating unnecessary and conflicting rules including rules requiring LPFM stations to protect other station's IF channels as well a major change on how reserved band LPFM protects LPTV and Class A stations on TV Channel 6.

REC marks the 5th anniversary of the "St. Patty's Day Massacre"

On this date 5 years ago, the FCC issued a public notice which effectively puts a nail in the coffin for hundreds of LPFM applications. These were the applications that were impacted by the Radio Broadcast Preservation Act enacted by Congress which mandated third-adjacent channel protection by LPFM stations to full-power and translator stations. While some applicants were able to move to other channels, many applicants were "deadlocked" and could not change frequencies or locations to remain compliant with the Act. A Petition for Reconsideration lead by REC and supported by others was denied by the Commission.