FCCdata: Preparing for AM radio to migrate to LMS

Updated July 22, 2023 - 06:00 AM ET

Starting on July 26, 2023, the FCC will be launching new forms in the Licensing Management System (LMS) to support engineering applications for AM radio.  In late June, the FCC created several new tables in LMS raw data and did a transition project to convert Centralized Database System (CDBS) data to the LMS structure. 

When AM radio starts using LMS for engineering applications, REC will not, at this time, implement eLMS handling of these applications.  Instead, the REC DataStore will read the AM records in the daily feed of LMS data from the FCC and will process them like any other LMS record.  Data display in FCCdata will show based on the LMS raw data.  This is no different to how we are handling television records.

REC has started our IT efforts to implement AM radio using raw data from within the LMS environment instead of CDBS.  During this implementation, we are starting to discover issues with the LMS versions of the applications originally handled through CDBS including missing critical data elements.  REC is compiling a list of issues and will be submitting those to FCC staff at a later date.  

Once we have a stable LMS presentation of AM engineering ready, we will release new version of the AM modules in FCCdata.  We do not expect any substanial changes in the presentation, but we do note that some information that was proivded in the CDBS days may not be there and for new applications that are filed post-LMS transition, we may see new data items not available on the older CDBS records.

Until either the issues can be resolved or workarounds (temporary or permanent) can be determined on the REC side, we will continue to present AM using our existing format.  We will also continue to attempt to retrieve FCC CDBS raw data until either the FCC retires the data or until we have a better quality feed from LMS.  This may also mean that AM applications involving engineering filed on July 26 or later may not immediately reflect in FCCdata.  Application status information will only be available if the FCC updates the status in both systems.  

REC encourages developers of software that interacts with the LMS and CDBS raw data to please report any issues they encounter with the LMS raw data presentation of AM engineering to REC as we are compiling an issues list.

This issue does not apply to non-engineering AM broadcast applications that are already handled by LMS and in most cases, are also picked up by REC's eLMS.  

This is a fluid issue and updates will be provided. 

Update: 7/22/23 6:00 AM ET

After this morning's daily update, we will completely reload LMS data.  We believe this may resolve some of the issues we are experiencing.  This will mean that during this time, AM and TV records may be unavailable or incomplete until the system completes the reload.  We will also need to completely reset the eLMS application list for AM.   We will reevaluate the data at that time.  We are hoping that this will allow us to complete the new AM modules over the weekend and allow us to release these modules and be ready for the transition to LMS on Thursday.


Friday, July 21, 2023
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