FCC announces dates for next LPFM filing window.

In a short Public Notice, the Federal Communications Commission has announced the dates for the next filing window for new Low Power FM (LPFM) broadcast stations.  

The filing window will open at 12:01 AM EDT on Wednesday, November 1, 2023 and will close at 6:00 PM EDT on November 8, 2023

This will be the first Public Notice released by the FCC on this. 

Information for prospective LPFM applicants

REC Networks will provide filing services for new LPFM stations on an area exclusive basis.  REC's rates will start at $1,000.  Rates will vary based on exactly what type of work is needed for a new LPFM station and the type of organization (educational organization vs. public sector, etc.).   To have REC handle your LPFM application, please use our Show of Interest form at https://lpfm.app.   

Prospective applicants who filled out a Show of Interest Form prior to June 22, 2023 was originally quoted a $200 advance payment.  For those prospective applicants, we will continue to honor that rate.  Starting today, the advance payment will be $300 with the balance due prior to filing.  

Information for existing LPFM licensees

The FCC has announced the filing window but has not yet announced the filing freeze.  The filing freeze will impact existing LPFM stations in two ways:

  1. LPFM stations will not be able to file modification applications during the freeze.  Any applications that need to be filed should be done prior to the freeze, which is expected either 30 or 60 days prior to the opening of the window.  
  2. FM translators may file modification applications in order to "jockey" a better position before the window opens.  Please keep monitoring FCC.today use the Encorachment Report tool at myLPFM to track application activity in your vicinity. 

This is REC's first advisory on this window.  REC is currently in the process of updating all of our systems to reflect the dates of this new window.  

We are asking that prospective applicants please use LPFM.APP to express a show of interest for a new station.  We will not be accepting telephone calls specifically regarding the window at this time.  The LPFM.app website does answer many questions about the LPFM service.  Thank you for your understanding.