Enforcement Actions (Dingers) enhancements & database update

In this version of the Enforcement Actions (Dingers) system, we made the following enhancements:

The call sign entry has been moved to be the first entry on the search screen.  

The call sign entry will now accept a broadcast call sign.  The call sign used must be the station's current call sign, even if the call sign that was in effect for the facility at the time of the action was different. 

A new entry has been added to the search page to conduct a search using a specific rule section (47 CFR) or a specific Communications Act section (47 USC).  When entering a section, enter only the section number and not the paragraph and subparagraph information.  For example, to look for Section 302(b) of the Communications Act (47 USC §302(b)), use the drop down to select to select Communications Act and then enter 302 in the field.  Likewise, to look at §73.807(a)(1), keep the drop down on FCC Rules and then enter 807 in the field.  

When viewing a record in the database, the system will now show not just the FCC Rule citation in the violation but will also give the title of that section along with part and subpart titles.  We are aware that some rule sections have not been loaded yet and we are working on that.  There will also be a future tables enhancement to extend these descriptions to also include citations in the United States Code (Communications Act).

The database has been updated and now covers all activity between September 1, 2020 to present. This database build is ongoing.  The next release will take the data back to at least January 1, 2020.  We expect that to be released sometime later this week, time and resources permitting. 


Sunday, June 4, 2023
Systems affected: 
REC Website Content
Issue type: 
Manual data update