More Release Notes

We have completed our CDBS broadcast database application upgrades for now.

- The curves program that is accessible from the Channel Report now uses Google Maps. This allows for circles that look like real circles and not 360 dots drawn in a circle.
- Zooming up on maps in the looks much more defined than before.
- Each station/facility is represented by a different color on the map. A legend will appear at the bottom of the map to show which color is associated with each facility.
- An option has been added from the Channel Search that allows you to show the curves in black instead of the multi color. This allows for easier printing however you lose the ability to see which curve belongs to which facility.
- Link added from the main Advanced LPFM Search Tool to the user friendly LPFM search at LPFM.WS. You may still use the Advanced LPFM Tool for simple searches (just that the new tool is faster because it uses a different data source that is made when we do our weekly updates).

- Fixed some major bugs relating to the coverage areas of TV stations. We were showing the Grade B contours of all TV stations using the 60 dBu (50, 50) contours.
- NTSC TV stations now show the Grade-B, Grade-A and City Grade Contours.
- FM stations now also show the City Grade Contour.

- REC broadcast tools will now better support digital TV (DTV) stations.
- FMQ will now display maps using contours based on the (50, 90) curves and will display both the noise-free and minimum-coverage contours. In the past, DTV stations were treated as NTSC stations on the maps (which as shown above, had the wrong contours being displayed).

Please continue to let us know your bug reports!