REC statement on the merger of Aiir and PlayoutONE

For the past few years, REC Networks has had an excellent relationship with Aiir, which provides content management system (CMS) solutions for radio station websites as well as providing mobile apps and we truly value Aiir being a part of our extended family. 

It was with great excitement that we hear about the news of the announced merger of Aiir and PlayoutONE.  

PlayoutONE is a robust, yet inexpensive radio automation solution with a price point that makes them a competitor in the LPFM, small NCE, small commercial, Part 15 and internet radio markets, especially as an alternative to dated software such as Rivendell, Zara, SAM and Station Playlist.

The marriage of an integrated CMS solution with a playout system will make the overall Aiir product stronger and we look forward to seeing these two product lines further integrate, especially for the benefit of community radio.

More information about Aiir for CMS and mobile apps can be found at:

More information about PlayoutONE can be found at: