TV Channel 6: Second round of Channel Elections

REC has had a chance to review the applications that were filed in the second round of the Digital TV (DTV) Channel Elections. The Channel Election is an FCC process in the transition to DTV where stations, many of which were given a second "transition" channel are asked which channel they would like to have their final operations on at the conclusion of the transition to digital. REC has an interest in the Channel 6 aspect of the Channel Election as many have proposed the reallocation of the TV Channel 6 spectrum (82-88 MHz) from television broadcasting to lower power primary non-commercial stations as well as a (potentially primary) low power broadcast service in this spectrum. In the second round, WEDY in New Haven, CT who had Channel 6 as a transition channel has elected to stay on 6. WCML, Alpena MI a legacy Channel 6 station assigned transition channel 24 has elected to remain on Channel 24. WIPR-TV in Puerto Rico does not appear to want Channel 6 and they can not have their out of core transition allotment Channel 55, so they asked the FCC to find them the best channel and they will go there. With WEDY and WPVI (Philadelphia, PA) on Channel 6, this eliminates the chances for New York to get urban LPFM or LPAM this way. For more information see our Channel 6 Page.