REC Collecting Part 15 AM Station Data

REC Networks has announced today that it is collecting information about existing "Part 15 AM" operations. Specifically, REC is requesting the operators of Part 15 AM stations to volunteer some information to REC which will be included in a database.

Part 15 AM Broadcast Stations are extremely low power AM radio stations that are unlicensed and operate by rule. While some Part 15 operations are for utility purposes such as "talking real estate signs" and car dealerships, many of these stations are operated by schools, churches and individuals to provide local information to their communities. While many LPAM stations have an effective range of about a mile around the transmitter, some stations have been able to achieve listeners several miles away and stay within the FCC guidelines. Part 15 AM Stations may operate commercial or non-commercial without auctions or regulatory fees.

The Part 15 AM database will be used for the REC LPAM Channel Search to warn users of potential Part 15 AM Broadcast Station activity in the area and provide guidance on frequency selection to allow the LPAM and the Part 15 station to co-exist. Aggregate information about Part 15 AM stations in general will also be collected from this information.

REC will not release the entire database except to reputable pro-LPAM organizations. This is to prevent the list from falling into commercial hands. Recently, current and former operators of Part 15 stations were contacted by a performance rights organization based on outdated station listing information from a Part 15 website.

We are asking all Part 15 AM Broadcast Stations to please participate in this database program. It will only take a few minutes of your time. Please read the FAQ which details the project and what the information will and won't be used for.