REC to drop Anime Hardcore Radio.. Focus on Hardcore J

REC Networks has announced that effective December 1, 2005, the long running broadcast Anime Hardcore Radio on Live365 will no longer be financially supported. REC will continue to support Hardcore J, the number one Japanese language music service on Live365 and the highlighted Japanese station on ROCK.COM. AHR will continue to be available for Live365 VIP members but the station will not be updated. AHR originally started as a spinoff of REC's former operation POWERPUFF-FM as POWERPUFF-Hardcore, a broadband version of the cartoon music station that played more longer anime songs. Over the years, the station split into three versions, Hardcore One playing upbeat tracks, Hardcore 2 playing "the lightest side of anime" and Hardcore 3 with background music and karaoke tracks that were "too good for words". REC will maintain the domains and there will be no interruptions to the free e-mail services. This move is being made as a result of the increased costs of broadcasting in light of the greedy recording industry and it gives us the ability to focus our resources on our core operations of Low Power FM radio and broadcasting issues. AHR thanks our listeners for their support over the years and we invite you to check out today's JPOP on Hardcore J.