FCC to move more radio filings to LMS on May 17, 2022

The FCC has announced that over a dozen different types of filings that were done previously in CDBS and temporarily on "paper" (email notification), as well as some new filing types will be able to be done electronically through LMS starting on May 17, 2022. 

These application types include:

  • FM Engineering Special Temporary Authority (STA).
  • AM/FM Request for Silent STA.
  • AM/FM Extension of STA - Silent.
  • FM Extension of STA - Engineering
  • Suspension of Operations Notification (assuming AM & FM)
  • Resumption of Operation (assuming AM & FM)
  • AM/FM Digital Notification
  • AM Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL) Notification
  • Change of Primary Station Notification (for FM Translators)
  • Tolling Notification
  • Reduced Power Notification (currently for TV, new for radio)
  • Withdraw Pending Application (currently for TV, new for radio)

Requests for extensions of STAs are only for STAs that were originally filed in LMS.  If the original STA was filed in CDBS (has a file number beginning with "B"), then you need to file a new STA request in LMS and note in the attachments that this is a request for an extension of an existing STA.

The LMS Public View will include a new function that will allow for a search by frequency or by channel. 

This leaves AM applications for construction permits (which have never been filed electronically), AM license applications and AM engineering STAs as the only application types that are not currently electronically filed.

REC is in the process of building eLMS version 2.0, which is intended to help streamline the adding of new and changed forms into eLMS processing, prepare eLMS to support TV and to improve the quality of the data that eLMS processes.  We are hoping for a launch of eLMS 2.0 during the Memorial Day weekend.  eLMS is REC's own interface to the LMS filing system that permits REC to obtain real-time data from submitted applications and authorizations as well as generate contour maps for filed engineering applications.  REC intends to have these new application types supported by eLMS although some may not be available with the initial launch of 2.0 at the end of the month. In the interim, these application types will display in tools like FCC.today and FCCdata.org as "non-eLMS" applications, but they will eventually be added to eLMS support.