LP-250 RM-11909 related changes

Modified inernal ad hoc reporting systems to accommodate the LP-250 Petition for Rulemaking, RM-11909 as proposed by REC in May, 2020. 

Added new functionality where LPFM stations located at HAATs between 31~48 meters and are only short-spaced to intermediate frequency (IF) facilities would be able to upgrade, but their upgrade ERP would be limited to 100 watts as an LP-250. 

Added new functionality where if an LPFM station's HAAT is 49 meters or greater, the system will ignore IF short spacing because the upgraded ERP will be 100 watts or less.

Added new functionality that will show a "conditional" upgrade opportunity if the subject LPFM station is only short-spaced to other LPFMs and the spacing is at least 29 km for co-channel and at least 16 km for first adjacent channel.  In those cases, the subject LPFM station may only upgrade if the other LPFM station(s) do/does not upgrade or is unable to upgrade for other reasons.

Updated check.lp250.com website to reflect these new status changes and other clean up work to remove remnants of prior proposals.

Conducting a full database refresh for check.lp250.com.


Sunday, May 23, 2021
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Manual data update