FCC announces singletons in Translator Invasion

FCC identifies over 4000 translator applicants that are not MX.

On 6/30, the FCC issued a public notice that identified over 4,000 applications filed during the Great Translator Invasion window of March, 2003. These applications have no other competing translator applications and should be considered singleton. These applicants are not subject to auction.

These applicants will be required to update their FCC application by 8/29/2003. Once the applicant does that, the application will be declared "accepted for filing". At that time, a 15 day public comment period will be open for petitions to Deny.

LPFM applicants, permitees and even full license holders are advised they should monitor the FCC's Daily Digest's "Broadcast Applications" report on a daily basis to assure that translators applicants are not illegally short spaced to LPFMs. On a nationwide basis, we are not sure if the FCC took LPFMs into consideration when declaring the singletons. We have seen a couple of cases of short spacing within the AOI and we advise LPFM stakeholders to check translators that may be close to them as they appear on the Broadcast Applications report.

This week's REC LPFM Encorachment Report (dated 7/3/2003), will list applications that triggered the encroachment report as a result of their change in application status. REC advises LPFM applicants, permitees and licensees to also check ASPEN, our Application Status system and then run the translator window report from there.

The Encroachment Report and ASPEN can be found at our LPFM Information Website at