LPFM Applicants Facing Competition Can Use MAX

The MAX System returns for an anticipated MX remedial filing/settlement window.

REC has been hearing information that the FCC is planning to start working on the MX (mutually exclusive) LPFM applications starting 'later this summer'.

In anticipation for any remedial windows that may open for this, REC has fixed up and reactivated MAX, the Mutual Application eXchange.

MAX is a community forum where LPFM applicants can move meet with other applicants in an attempt to reach settlement agreements by either proposing a new channel, a new location, co-location or timeshare.

At this time, we are not aware of what the FCC will allow LPFM applicants to do to remediate their applications yet. However, we would like to see as many applicants ready to go as the window may be short.

To access MAX, visit http://www.recnet.com/max

To access MAX, you will need to have access to your e-mail address that you put on your original FCC LPFM application. If your e-mail address has changed or you did not specify an e-mail address, please send an e-mail to rec@recnet.com for access. Please make sure you state your organization, facility ID (if you don't have it, visit recnet.com and click on 'Check Your Application Status') and station location.

REC's goal is to get as many organizations on the air with LPFM stations. REC does not charge for any of our services, including MAX. REC services are provided on a 'shareware' basis.