Anime Hardcore Radio/Hardcore J celebrates anniversary

This is Anime Hardcore's Third and Hardcore J's Second

REC's Anime Hardcore Radio is celebrating it's third anniversary this weekend. Anime Hardcore Radio was created Memorial Day weekend of 2000 as a format change from the old "Powerpuff-Hardcore" radio service. Over the past 3 years as many as 6 different services have operated under the Anime Hardcore Radio name. Due to increased costs due to the new royalty fees that now must be paid, Anime Hardcore Radio eventually reduced to the single feed that it is today.

In celebration of it's three year aniversary, the remaining Anime Hardcore broadcast, Hardcore One has switched to Narrowband audio. This change permits us to expand our music selection as well as provide scheduled programming.

Narrowband audio also allows those who do not have broadband connections (such as dial up modems) to be able to listen to AHR.

Hardcore One will be the narrowband home of the Hardcore J Top 40 Countdown show every weekend. Special anime music programming will also be aired on AHR throughout the week.

Two years ago, Anime Hardcore Radio went beyond anime and started Hardcore J, a 24 hour Japanese top-40 music service. Every week the Hardcore J countdown chart has presented today's hit music from Japan.

In celebration of two years of JPOP, Hardcore J has released a '2 YEAR TOP 200' chart. This chart can be viewed at the Hardcore J website.