EZforms: FirstGen LPFM station issue


Renewal request in REC EZforms was resulting in an SQL error message and would not allow a user to continue to go back.


As the call sign of the station experiencing the problem was provided, we were able to replicate the problem and verify the bug in code.


Some first generation LPFM records (2000/2001 window) have deteriorated over time and others were originally filed on paper.  These records do not include CDBS positional interest data.  As a result, the system could not properly build up a table of authorized signatories. 


Modified the code so that in the event that if there is no positional interest data, the user is instructed to select the "NOT LISTED" operation, which will be the sole option in those cases.  The system will also advise the user that they will be contacted by REC to get the signatory information for the application.  

This code was modified in all three EZforms programs (renewals, license to cover and modification of licenses).  


Thursday, October 1, 2020
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