User interface changes for apps hosted on

This project is updating the various applications that are hosted off of the infrastructure.  Many of these changes are cosmetic and are intended to improve display on small screen mobile devices. One tool has been discontinued.  Other changes may be made if needed.  REC has updated the following applications:

NADCON (NAD27/83 Conversions)

Updated page style.  Added message warning about the tool's use in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands due to possible issues with REC's NADCON table in this area.

Field Strength Curves

Updated page style.

Runway Slope

Updated page style.  Runway specific results are no longer showing in a table thus eliminating the need to "scroll across" in a mobile browser.  Result icons were added to better indicate which runway(s) triggered the FAA notification requirement. 

Tower Finder

Updated page style. Removing functionality that lists and displays unregistered American Tower and SBA assets.  This is because the ATC an SBA data is extremely stale and both companies refuse to disclose new tower data in a form we can use.  Tower Finder will now only search towers with antenna structure registration numbers.  Removed the link to NADCON as FM and TV no longer use NAD27.  


Updated page style.

FCC Citation Search

Updated page style. "Browse all books" function is not mobile friendly (long and wide tables)


Updated page style.  Added new functionality to accept filings from the Media Bureau in light of the §301 violation by Foundation For A Beautiful Life.

LPFM Renewal Announcements

Updated page style.

LPFM Renewal Status

Updated page style.

AM Stations with Translators

Tool discontinued.  This tool was relevant during the 2016 "250-mile move" opportunity as well as FM cross-service translator auctions 99 (2017) and 100 (2018).  This tool was originally creatred to give LPFM stations an update on the application activity for AM translators and which stations may pose a risk for filing in the windows. As LMS raw data is not properly delivering information on primary stations for FM translators, this data is not being properly updated.  Primary station data (though unreliable on post-September 25, 2019 LMS applications) is still available on REC's  A list similar to the one provided in this tool can be seen by entering the community name that you want to search for stations in. 

Land Mobile Curves

Updated page style.

LPFM 2013 Dismissals List

Updated page style.  Added new jumps to the summary count of dismissals per category and from there, links directly to those categories to view the stations on the list.  The resulting list is very large.  We may come back and do improvements on this page later.

myLPFM v2.0

Updated page style.  Radiation center less than 21 feet (6.1m) will no longer result in a hard turnback, instead, a warning message will display stating that additional research will be required in order to meet FCC RF exposure guidelines. On results, the channel buttons are color coded.  Green background means that channel also meets the §73.807 recommendation distance for no interference received where the yellow background means that the channel may receive incoming interference.  Channel buttons with a red border are those that require second-adjacent channel waivers.

U/D Calculator

Updated page style.

NCE Channel Search

Updated page style.

Tools and pages served off of that will not get the style updates

These tools will remain operational, but they will not be considered as "mobile friendly":

FM Model - due to screen width requirements.

LPFM Grant List - due to multi-paging tables.

Sunday, May 10, 2020
Systems affected: 
myLPFM v2
NCE Preliminary Search Tool
Runway Slope
Tower Finder
REC Website Content
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