REC system construction planned during holiday weeks (12/21/2019~01/05/2020)

REC is planning a series of system work to take place between December 21, 2019 through January 5, 2020.

Planned for this project:

For CDBS FM engineering records, we will use the "active" status for facilities from LMS data instead of the "current" status indicator from CDBS.  This is due to an issue where application records that originated in CDBS are not being marked "archive" when a subsequent application is filed in LMS.  This is resulting in false facilities appearing in channel searches and discontinued facilities showing in FCCdata as active (where they display on the default station view) thus resulting in false negatives in some channel searches.

For FM dialscapes in FCCdata/Denpahoso, we will change this data source from CDBS to LMS for many of the reasons shown. 

Internally, all active records will start using NAD83 datum instead of NAD27 for channel searches and facility displays. 

Preparations will be made to handle original construction permits filed in LMS in the event the data does not properly carry over to CDBS.  This is to support Auction 106 and the future NCE and LPFM filing windows.

Verify LMS raw data for any unannounced changes to the data set by the FCC contractors.

Test and possible implementation of the FCC's API for the creation of contours, improvement to HAAT calculations and other potential functions.

General review of the LMS datasets for TV and FM to determine if there is room to improve the FCCdata presentation. 

Replacement of LPFM Scoreboard with an LPFM station directory and an archive of scoreboard data from the first two LPFM windows.

During this time, you may see incomplete information, facilities and applications not found or error messages.  Please hold off on reporting on issues until January 6, 2020 unless we advise through REC's Facebook Page that we have completed a certain function.  A new ChangeLog item will be added as we implement a major change including any minor changes that took place. 

Thank you for your patience as we get our tools ready for 2020.