FCCdata LMS party drop-down enhancements 11/9/2019

Desktop only: Added new LMS specific party search functions.  This includes application certifier (who signed the application), technical representative and legal representative.  The drop-down menu is modified to add these new functions. They will be distinguished with the (LMS) indicator.  Legacy CDBS searches will show a (CDBS) indicator in the drop-down. Unlike CDBS, LMS uses separate fields for first and last names.  When one of the LMS functions is selected, the entry box used to enter the party name is split into two boxes for separate first and last name entry.  At least a first name or last name must be entered.  Like with the CDBS functionality, names will automatically "wild-card" (for example, typing JOHN will also show JOHNNY).  This functionality will come soon to mobile.

Fixed the LMS table which handles signatories and application indicators (FCC sometimes adds a field in the middle of a table instead of appending it to the end).  This will restore the application indicators when extended information is selected.  This should fix both FM and TV.  FCCdata now also shows the application certifier (who signed the application) on the extended information screen.

Removed "Renewal Attorney" entry from the party drop down.  There are no entries in CDBS with this type code.


Saturday, November 9, 2019
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
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