FCCdata LMS contour maps for FM

10/23/2019 10:20PM ET.

At this time, we are working some issues on LMS maps for FM from a couple of different angles.  

From the FCC end, we are seeing facility records, mainly full-service that have bad values for radiation center above mean sea level (RCAMSL).  This data is critical for making contour maps.  If the FCC fixes these manually, they may not reflect on our maps.  Unlike CDBS, we do not receive a flat file with all of the contours as determined by the FCC.  

There is also other bad data coming from the FCC in other parts of the LMS data.

On our end, we are in the process of changing various aspects of LMS from file number to application ID.  Where CDBS uses an integer, LMS uses a hexidecimal string.  This means more code rewriting on our end.

We have other options for doing maps and we may go in that direction based on how the process behaves.  Currently, this process prints the maps the fastest.  


This is still an open issue as we are continuing to see unreliable data coming from LMS.  This is much part of a larger problem with the FCC deployment of LMS for FM services.


We are working to resolve this issue with a new method of doing contours in FCCdata.   FM translators are currently online.  Full-service, LPFM and FM boosters, ETU 6-1-2020.



Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
Issue type: 
REC systems issue