FCCtoday yesterday's filings + bug fix

FCCtoday will now display LMS applications that were filed on the previous day.  This is similar to the functionality that always existed for CDBS.  

FCCtoday should display a red asterisk after a LMS file number in the applications section when the application was filed that day and picked up by REC LMS RealTime. 

On Mondays, FCCtoday should also display Friday's applications. 

Previous day's actions will not be displayed.

Currently, previous day functionality will not work if the previous day is a federal holiday or unscheduled office closure.  Federal holiday support will go in a future release.

Fixed a bug in FCCtoday that incorrectly handled LMS applications that were amended which resulted in the display of false decisions (applications shown granted or dismissed when they really wern't).


Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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