REC/RRPA position statement on "Pacifica Restructuring Project"

Joint position statement of REC Networks and Riverton Radio Project Association

There is currently a petition being circulated to make some major changes on the board of directors at Pacifica Foundation.  This board includes representatives from all Pacifica-owned stations (KPFA, KPFK, WPFW, WBAI and KPFT).  Starting recently, the board also has representatives of the Pacifca affiliates.  These are the many LPFM and full-service FM community stations that promote the Pacifica Mission through the airing of programming and through the submission of programming to other affiliates.  

The current plan would completely gut the board, including those who I know, who are working hard to "fix" Pacifica from the inside.  This current plan also eliminates the local station boards which are the voices who represent the unique cultural needs of each of the 5 Pacifica-owned stations. 

REC's main concern is around the affiliates.  We note that the petition does not even have a space for affiliates to fill out a petition if they wanted to.  Its only limited to paid members and staff of the 5 stations.  

Under the proposed plan, affiliates can be represented by "at large" members appointed by the new board however there is no requirement that they do.

The Pacifica affiliates deserve a voice at the table.   They worked hard to achieve a louder voice.  Let's not silence that voice.  

Say "no" to this petition.

Michelle Bradley
on behalf of both REC Networks
and Riverton Radio Project Association

REC Networks is an unincorporated entity owned and operated by Michelle Bradley.  Since 1984, REC has been providing inforomation, entertainment and support which today, includes regulatory advocacy related to spectrum access, especially for community broadcasting.  REC also provides programming for J1 Radio, a Canada-based cluster of internet radio stations providing Japanese-language entertainment world-wide and one English-language network, REC-FM.

Riverton Radio Project Association is a Delaware non-profit corporation operating under the direction of Michelle and Eva Bradley and the operator of a Part 15 broadcast station is an affiliate of Pacifica Network.