UPDATED 8/20 4:20PM: FCCdata not showing correct data, VPIF not operational

Updated Tuesday 8/20/19 at 4:20PM ET:

FCC has updated their data.  Should be updated on the REC systems by Wednesday at 11AM ET.


Updated Tuesday 8/20/19 at 1:00PM ET:

The problem with the data is persisting.  The FCC is aware of it.  No ETU.  We have not backed down to last Thursday's data at this time but we may do so without notice. Until this is resolved, data at FCCdata.org and Denpahoso for US FCC broadcast is not reliable.


Updated Monday 8/19/19 at 1:30PM ET:

REC has backed out of the FCC's Monday CDBS update.  This restores all the functionality of FCCdata, Denpahoso and VPIF.  CDBS data is vintage close of business on Thursday August 15, 2019.  LMS data is current.

Original issue:

Monday 8/19/19 at 10AM

The FCC's 8/19/2019 12:38AM CDBS raw data update delivered the following data tables completely empty:

  • if_sta
  • ownership_structure
  • party
  • positional_interest
  • supp_facility
  • tv_eng_data

As a result, information that will not be available in FCCdata/Denpahoso today will include but may not be limited to:

  • Names of owners of stations
  • Names and addresses of contact representatives and technical contacts
  • Names and addresses of individual board members and owners
  • Complete data in CDBS ownership reports
  • Legacy TV engineering data from CDBS (prior to about 2015)

Voluntary Public File (lpfm.ws) is completely out of service at this time.

Hopefully, this data will be fixed on the next FCC update for Tuesday 8/20. 

Monday, August 19, 2019
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
myLPFM v2
NCE Preliminary Search Tool
Voluntary Public File System
Issue type: 
FCC issue