Launch U/D Tool

Launch a new calculation tool that allows you to enter a listener's address as well as the CDBS application ID of a "desired" FM station and an "undesired" FM station.  The U/D tool will calculate the HAAT and service contour for each station in order to calcuate the listener's undesired to desired ratio (or U/D Ratio).  This tool is to prepare for the new FM translator rules which require that a complaining listener must be within a 45 dBu contour of the desired station and that between the desired and undesired stations at the listener's location, the U/D Ratio must meet specific parameters based on the channel relationship between the two stations. 

The REC online U/D Tool only supports the LPFM class of service as a "desired" station.   Those needing assistance with full-service FM and incumbent FM translators can contact REC Networks for assistance. 

The U/D Tool can be found at:



Friday, May 3, 2019
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