Radio History Project for FM Broadcast and now support display of data from the REC Radio History Project for FM radio broadcast stations.  The Radio History Project is an ongoing effort to digitize manual FCC History Card data into a fielded database similar to that used by BAPS, CDBS and LMS in order to provide as much of a full and complete history of a broadcast station as possible.

On the left side of the screen, in addition to the engineering records from CDBS and BAPS (through the History Project), the manually entered History Card applications will be shown with their application reference numbers, status and status date.  Clicking on an ARN will show full history card details based on information provided.  It will also trigger a map that shows the approximate location of the transmitting antenna (based on address and other descriptive information that are not geographic coordinates in most cases).  

The right side will also show the application history starting from the original construction permit application (sometimes as early as the 40s and 50s) and then all the way to today. 

History Project enabled facilities also include a link in the header "History Grid".  Using History Grid, you can see a complete representation of the station's history including the history of engineering applications, transfers, assignments, special authorities and more.  We note that some of the FM records we have encountered in New York have some very interesting data about the early days of FM (High Frequency) Radio.

The History Cards and REC's coverage also includes the original "high frequency" FM band around 45-50 MHz prior to the conversion to 88-108 MHz.

The History Project itself is currently working on New York City and the surrounding area and then will go to Los Angeles and continue in order of market size.

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Sunday, April 28, 2019
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