FCCdata: Mexico update/US 45 dBu contour - call sign history

FCCdata for Mexico

Developed new internal processes to semi-automate the update of Mexico records.  Mexico is still a manual update that will be conducted once every few months.

IFT records now show a peak lobe on FM directional records (similar to TV records), we are passing this field on FM records in FCCdata.

Improved the presentation of digital television virtual channels.

Now using FCC instead of Google as an alternate resource for elevation data.  First source remains MapQuest. 

Minor cosmetic changes to Mexico dialscape screen.

Known issue: All AM facilities are showing with directional directional antennas.  This is an issue with the data we receive from IFT.

FCCdata for FCC Broadcast

The Advanced Coverage Map will now show the 45 dBu contour.  This contour is in response to the Report and Order in the FM tranlsator interference proceeding.  45 dBu is the outer limit of where listeners can complain about interference from FM translators.

Preparations will be starting for migration of radio broadcast application filing from CDBS to LMS.

New functionality when call sign is entered.  If the call sign is not found, it will now show the history of the call sign.  This will be helpful in finding a call sign that has been recently deleted (it will refer to the record with a "D" before the call sign).

Dialscape will show an "HD" indicator for FM and AM stations.  This will be activated when a Digital Notication is made to the FCC.  It may be possible, especially on AM, that a station has turned their HD off. 

Saturday, April 20, 2019
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
Issue type: 
Manual data update