NCE Preliminary Search Tool-initial beta

REC has released a new tool that permits a very high-level search (for planning purposes only) of the availability of new Class A non-commercial educational (NCE) FM stations in the reserved band (88.1~91.9 MHz). The tool supports a maximum of 1,000 watts ERP. Measurements are based on HAAT along the radial towards the undesired station and the HAAT and ERP along the reciprocal radial towards the desired target. The tool is disclosed as non-authoritative and does not replace the use of REC professional services that take a full contour into consideration. This tool is intended to help existing LPFM licensees and potential new entrants gauge the potential of community radio for their area.

Tool is currently in beta. May return erroronous information. Please report bugs to REC.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019
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NCE Preliminary Search Tool
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