Gov't Shutdown: NOAA NADCON unavailable

1/25/2019 10:30pm EST - With the reopening of government, NOAA NADCON has returned into service.

The government operated NOAA NADCON website which is used to convert NAD83 coordinates to NAD27 (and vice versa) is not available due to a lapse in government funding. 

As a substitute, you can use the REC NADCON tool 

The REC tool is not as accurate as the NOAA tool but is accurate to the tenth of a second, which still exceeds FCC requirements for coordinate entry.

REC's myLPFM, FCCdata, denpahoso and PREMIS all use the same calculation method that REC NADCON uses and therefore, they will not be impacted by this outage.

This outage involves a resource that is not operated by REC Networks therefore we have no further information at this time.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019
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Other outside issue