J1/REC-FM Update 12/19/2018 19:00 EST

There has been a lot going on today in regards to this situation.  First of all, I want to point out that REC Networks (J1 Radio and REC-FM) are not being specifically targeted.  This is impacting all customers of a particular streaming provider.  A provider who has been very good to us for the past year or so.  We really don't want to see them go. 

At this time, SoundExchange (USA) has given the streaming provider an extension until January 12, 2019.  This means that J1 will be unblocked in the USA until then.  After that, Torontocast has advised that they will be remaining in service but geoblocking the United States.  This means that if you have an IP address that is based in America, your IP will be blocked and you will be unable to listen to the station.  

We are evaluating our options and while a majority of J1 HITS listening is from outside of the USA, there is still a significant USA audience that we want to try to preserve and will do so under the terms and conditions of the streaming provider.  

We want to point out with all of the big changes coming up, it is very important that you listen to J1 through the J1 JPlayer on the J1 website (j1fm.tokyo).  We also have full control of the J1 Roku channel.  Please note though that if a channel is geoblocked in the USA, then it will not be available through Roku or through TuneIn.    If we come up with an alternative option for USA listeners, the J1 Jplayer will be reprogrammed with the updated feed.  

In the case of REC-FM, if we do not have an alternative, REC-FM will change to an all-talk stream (playing mainly Pacifica programming) and the music format would have to be eliminated.

The official communications channel and listener feedback forum for this upcoming change is the J1FM Facebook page. ( https://facebook.com/j1radio ).

We will make more announcements as more information comes in.  We are also interested in your ideas and which J1 channels you listen to and enjoy (please also let us know if you are inside or outside the USA). 

Stay tuned!   J1 LOVES JAPAN!  J1 LOVES YOU!   J1はあなたが好き!