A message to J1 and REC-FM listeners / J1ラジオの聴取者への手紙です。

Well, I feel like it's deja vu all over again.  Just a couple of years ago, we found ourselves in a position where we were having to move off of Live365 due to pressure from SoundExchange (or in other words, the American recording industry).  Well, we have reached that point again.  For the past two years, REC has been working with Canadian providers operating under the licenses that are offered by SOCAN.  The SOCAN licensing scheme was promoted as having reciprocal coverage.  After a rocky start with another provider, REC has been using TorontoCast to manage 5 audio services operated by REC Networks.  We have received notice that TorontoCast may be ceasing operations as of the end of 2018 due to building pressure by SoundExchange for US-based listening.  

With that, we will need to examine the options that are available to us:

  • Go with a different SOCAN provider and play it by ear.
  • Look for a geoblocked situation.
  • Discontinue broadcasting altogether.

It seems to be that only greedy SoundExchange is the only one screaming right now.  Since a large portion of J1's listeners are in Japan and other parts of the world, we are willing to accept a geoblocked solution but on a downscaled basis.  My hope is that we can at a minimum keep J1 Hits up and running.   We have been broadcasting Japanese chart for the past 915 weeks and have been streaming audio over the internet for over 20 years carrying on the tradition of our roots where we were "streaming" audio over the phone dating all the way back to 1984.  

At this time, we are not announcing that any streams will be discontinued, however, we are also reviewing our streaming without regard to current issue in the United States.

This is an evolving situation and we are hoping that we will have more information soon.  The non-commercial webcaster is still some of the best promotion the music industry could have.  It's too bad that the industry does not see it that way.  Stay tuned.




米国への放送が中止され、日本と他の国への放送が継続する状況が生じる可能性がある。 私たちはこの妥協を認めます。


私たちは日本語のコンテンツを20年間放送してきました。 ご支援いただきありがとうございます。  J1 LOVES YOU!

これは進化する状況です。 最新情報については、当社にご相談ください。