FCC.today Mobile Edition launch

REC Networks is beta testing a new "mobile friendly" release of FCC.today.

Changes to FCC.today where the type of browser is detected and if a mobile browser (except tablets), it will provide a mobile presentation of the FCC.today content:

  • All four sections (news, actions, applications, legal filings) will show up.
  • Presentation will be in a single column format.  Actions will present in a similar format as the desktop version.  Applications and Legal will appear in a modified multi-line format that presents better on a mobile device.
  • Like with the desktop version, the mobile version will show a summary of all actions from the previous week on the weekends.
  • Unlike the desktop version, the mobile version will not auto-refresh every 10 minutes.  This is to preserve the battery.
  • The original desktop presentation of FCC.today is unchanged.

This is a beta test version of FCC.today.  If any user experiences any issues where a desktop browser is displaying a mobile version (everything in a single column) or mobile is still displaying multi-column (like it did before this change), please use the Contact REC link to let us know! 


Thursday, December 13, 2018
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