REC commends Prometheus and MMP on appeal of FCC "Broadcast Incubator" decision

REC Networks is all about a citizen's access to spectrum.  This means assuring that new entrants are able to enter into broadcasting for the first time.  While the FCC's "Broadcast Incubator" program was touted to do just that, it is not.  Instead, it is an underhanded method of allowing large corporate broadcasters a "free-pass" on the local ownership caps under the guise of a "mentorship" program.  While we support "big" broadcasters providing mentorship to upstarts, a "free-pass" on the ownership cap is not the appropriate reward where a more appropriate reward could be consideration such a waiver or reduction of annual regulatory fees.  In her dissenting statement to the Report and Order, FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel states that she fails to see how this decision will make a material difference in the diversity of media ownership due to its narrowness.  Rosenworcel also questions how this will satisfy the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which has already ordered the FCC, three times, to examine their ruling's impacts on ownership diversity.  

Last Friday, Prometheus Radio Project and Media Mobilizing Project has filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit challenging the FCC's "Broadcast Incubator" decision.  REC supports this motion and commends the hard work by PRP and MMP in their effort to bring more judicial oversight over the FCC and the majority commissioners who have their sights set on continuing to deplete ownership diversity from the broadcast spectrum. REC wishes PRP and MMP the best of success in this litigation.

A joint statement by Prometheus Radio Project and Media Mobilizing Project can be found here:

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