[Updated] Statement of REC: Sen. John McCain

Let's put the politics and division on hold for just this one moment.  In 2010, John McCain was the Republican catalyst behind the enactment of the Local Community Radio Act of 2010. Along with Democratic collegue Maria Cantwell, Mr. McCain made this legislation a true bipartisan issue and was a driving force to getting this legislation to President Obama's desk and as a result, many non-profit organizations were able to tap into the power of radio in 2013.  While the LCRA is not perfectly written and does have its shortfalls, it was a very powerful piece of legislation that drives the work that REC and others, such as the LPFM Coalition are doing this day.  REC is saddened by, but understanding of the decision by Mr. McCain to discontinue treatements and we want to take this moment to thank him for co-leading the charge to expand community radio and to bring both parties together to make this happen.  Arizona has always been a core part of REC's area of interest and so the news hits us even harder in that light.  We are keeping Mr. McCain in our thoughts and I am very sure many Arizonans and others around the world are keeping him in their prayers.  Again, thank you for being a part of something big.  This will always be one of your many legacies. 

Updated, Saturday, August 25, 2018:

Multiple news agencies are reporting that Senator McCain has passed away today at the age of 81.  Regardless of where you stand on his positions, his party and his choice of running mates, we can agree that he was an unexpected hero for community radio.  May he rest in peace and our condolences to this family in this time of loss.