Discontinuance of earthquake alerts on J1 Radio/J1ラジオ:地震予知情報の喪失

Due to changes being made by Twitter in August, 2018, REC/J1 Radio has identified that those changes may potentially impact our software that is used to provide real-time Japanese earthquake information.  This functionality is what plays the earthquake warning tones and announcements on J1 and J1xtra as well as real time logging of earthquake alerts on our earthquake site (eew.j1fm.tokyo).  

It would have no impact on the final earthquake outcomes that originate from the Japan Meteorological Agency approximately 5 minutes after the earthquake or the flash region intensity data provided from a third party provider.  

Shortly after the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011, REC started to develop this Earthquake Early Warning system and has been operating mostly reliabily since late 2011.  

We will look for alternative methods of providing this information.  As always, if you are in Japan, please listen or view NHK for official information.  In the event of tsunami, information in English is usually broadcast on NHK Radio 2.

We apologize for the loss of this service.  Unfortunately, this is a situation beyond our control.




我々は、この情報を提供するための代替方法を模索する。 日本にお住まいの方は、NHKラジオやテレビで公式の情報を聞いてください。

重要な情報資源の喪失に起因する不便をお詫びします。 これは我々がコントロールできない問題です。