REC files Petition for Rulemaking with the FCC to further implement the LCRA and make other improvements to LPFM.

Today, REC has filed a Petition for Rulemaking with the Federal Communications Commission to make long overdue improvements to the Low Power FM (LPFM) service, offer relief and upgrade opportunities to existing stations and set the stage for a future filing window.  Key aspects of the petition include:

  • Creating an optional alternate protection scheme which is similar to that of FM translators but in a manner that complies with the LCRA.
  • Opening new opportunities for LPFM in many urban markets.
  • Reinforcing our desire for a maximum 250 watt LPFM service.  (The original case for LP-250 was made in RM-11749)
  • Expand the use of directional anennas.
  • Extend the distance LPFM stations can move as a minor change.
  • Extend all construction permits to 36 months.
  • Replace the very overprotective Channel 6 rule with a similar rule used by FM translators.
  • Provides some relief for LPFM stations located within 125 km of Mexico.
  • Put in provisions that permit "failing" LPFM stations to be transferred to equally qualified organizations.
  • Require additional transparency in LPFM assignment applications.
  • Remove some restrictions on LPFM co-owned translators while maintaining localism.
  • Codify boosters for LPFM.
  • Eliminate IF channel protection requirements for FM transaltors operating 100 watts ERP (currently 99, makes translators consistent with LPFM).

A copy of the text and more details on the proposal can be found at 

REC will soon publish urban market availability maps and FAQs.

Currently, there is no RM number therefore, the FCC is not accepting comments.  If the FCC does assign an RM number, then a 30 day comment period will open.

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About REC Networks:  REC is a leading policy voice supporting a citizen’s ability to access radio spectrum.  The advocacy side of REC was responsible for the writing of RM-11749, the 250-watt LPFM proposal.  Other REC advocacy initiatives include alternate spectrum for community radio expansion in areas where FM spectrum is not available, driving changes to the FCC rules to allow more flexibility for LPFM stations while remaining compliant with the Local Community Radio Act. REC serves all six segments of LPFM including cause-based organizations, public sector agencies, micro radio stations, community media organizations, secular educational organizations and faith-based organizations. REC also provides consulting and filing services for LPFM stations, FM translators (including FM translators related to smaller AM broadcast stations) and full-service FM stations.  REC operates several radiocommunications related websites and REC-FM, the official audio stream of REC Networks in conjunction with the Riverton Radio Project. More information about REC is at our website

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