Statement of REC Networks: Nomination of Geoffrey Starks to the Federal Communications Commission

"Mignon Clyburn left a legacy at the FCC.  She was a champion of spectrum access for women, racial minorities and other oppressed minority groups.  She defended net neutrality to her final breath on the 8th floor.  Those are some really big shoes to fill.

While we don't know much about Geoffrey Starks' positions on various issues that would impact a citizen's access to spectrum including LPFM, amateur radio, broadcast ownership, AM revitalization or on major consumer issues such as network neutrality, we do know that he is currently a Assistant Bureau Chief at the FCC's Enforcement Bureau which may come in handy to address various issues such as the proliferation of illegal broadcast transmitters being sold by and the commercial pirate radio problems in New York and South Florida. 

In the coming weeks, we should know where he stands on issues.  Sometime after his confirmation, I hope to be in DC to meet with him or his staff so we can get him up to speed on the issues that are important to the REC advocacy and constituency.  

I look forward to learning more about Mr. Starks and I wish him the best of luck with the confirmation process."

Michelle Bradley
REC Networks

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About REC Networks:  REC is a leading policy voice supporting a citizen’s ability to access radio spectrum.  The advocacy side of REC was responsible for the writing of RM-11749, the 250-watt LPFM proposal.  Other REC advocacy initiatives include alternate spectrum for community radio expansion in areas where FM spectrum is not available, driving changes to the FCC rules to allow more flexibility for LPFM stations while remaining compliant with the Local Community Radio Act. REC serves all six segments of LPFM including cause-based organizations, public sector agencies, micro radio stations, community media organizations, secular educational organizations and faith-based organizations. REC also provides consulting and filing services for LPFM stations, FM translators (including FM translators related to smaller AM broadcast stations) and full-service FM stations.  REC operates several radiocommunications related websites and REC-FM, the official audio stream of REC Networks in conjunction with the Riverton Radio Project. More information about REC is at our website

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