Statement of REC Networks: Prometheus withdraws 20 informal objections

REC thanks Prometheus Radio Project and the other advocates involved in the Informal Objection against translator applications for the recent withdrawal of a handful of applications.  It is a small step in the right direction.  Despite these withdrawals, there are many pending modification applications for already licensed FM translator stations that are not subject to Section 5 of the LCRA.  We call on Prometheus to withdraw all Informal Objections against such licensed facilities.   We also call upon Prometheus to withdraw all applications in the state of Alaska due to the facts that there are no Top-150 markets in the state and also due to the fact that an LPFM-like service (Class D) is already available in Alaska without the need to wait for a filing window.  We also call on a withdrawal on one Guam application as there is plenty of spectrum available there for a future LPFM window. 

We do note that Prometheus has filed objections against short-form applications from Auctions 83 and 100 which will be soon coming up to auction.  We do feel that these facilities should be evaluated for Section 5 compliance but we need to do so at the time when the long form is filed.  In addition, the long forms filed by the Auction 99 winners also need to be looked at in the same way.  

REC feels though that the right thing for Prometheus to do is to withdraw objections against all FM translator applications that are on facilities that have already been licensed and that their modification applications are not subject to any kind of treatment under Section 5 of the LCRA.  REC has identified three translators filed in the 250-mile move window on facilities that have not yet been licensed for which can be evaluated under Section 5:

BMPFT 20160729AEM W225CH 140333 HARTFORD CT CPOFF 10/28/2013 ACCPT 8/1/2016
BMPFT 20160729AGF W229CK 140439 SYRACUSE NY CPOFF 10/29/2013 ACCPT 8/1/2016
BMPFT 20160729ALP W267CA 140574 BRENTWOOD TN CPOFF 12/30/2013 ACCPT 8/1/2016

Additional objections that should be withdrawn - REC has identiifed the following applications that are still pending (not dismissed) and have not yet been withdrawn by Prometheus as of May 31, 2018.  These applications are for facilities that are already licensed and are seeking modifications.  These facilities are not considered "new licenses" under Section 5 of the LCRA and therefore are not subject to any kind of review.  This list also includes all applications in Alaska and Guam for the reasons mentioned previously.  We ask Prometheus, et al to withdraw their Informal Objection against these applications and then we can focus on those that could raise a Section 5 issue:

BNPFT 20030317JDB   153765 WASILLA AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 7/29/2013
BNPFT 20130327AND NEW 156736 MOOSE PASS AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 3/29/2013
BNPFT 20130327ANO NEW 155493 SELDOVIA AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 4/1/2013
BNPFT 20130327ANQ NEW 146579 PALMER AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 4/1/2013
BNPFT 20130327AOE NEW 153962 HOPE AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 4/4/2013
BNPFT 20130327AOG NEW 153971 HOPE AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 3/28/2013
BNPFT 20130327AOI NEW 154264 WILLOW AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 4/4/2013
BNPFT 20130327AON NEW 153984 ANCHORAGE AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 4/1/2013
BNPFT 20130327AOQ NEW 154483 ANCHORAGE AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 4/1/2013
BNPFT 20130328AAB NEW 155470 HOMER AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 3/29/2013
BNPFT 20130328AAC NEW 155476 HOMER AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 3/29/2013
BNPFT 20130328AAD NEW 155482 HOMER AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 4/9/2013
BNPFT 20130328AAL NEW 156854 ANCHOR POINT AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 4/1/2013
BNPFT 20130328AAM NEW 154752 ANCHORAGE AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 4/1/2013
BNPFT 20131025AAF NEW 156807 SEWARD AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 10/28/2013
BPFT 20140711AAA W276BV 158099 NEW ROCHELLE NY LICEN 11/18/2010 ACCPT 7/14/2014
BPFT 20140930ALO K234BS 156220 LAS VEGAS NV LICEN 8/22/2007 ACCPT 10/1/2014
BNPFT 20151215AGV NEW 156811 SEWARD AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 12/16/2015
BNPFT 20151215AGW NEW 156815 SEWARD AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 5/26/2017
BNPFT 20151215AGX NEW 156803 PRIMROSE AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 5/26/2017
BNPFT 20151216ART NEW 142723 SEWARD AK CPAPP 3/17/2003 ACCPT 5/26/2017
BPFT 20160729ALZ K227AH 85824 ELK GROVE CA LICEN   ACCPT 8/1/2016
BPFT 20160729ANB K245AR 138839 SACRAMENTO CA LICEN 12/15/2017 ACCPT 8/1/2016
BPFT 20170206AAL K271BF 142573 UNALASKA AK LICSL 11/23/2017 ACCPT 2/6/2017
BPFT 20170206AAM K282AU 142580 UNALASKA AK LICSL 11/23/2017 ACCPT 2/6/2017
BPFT 20170209AAC W276AQ 46437 FORT LEE NJ LICEN   ACCPT 2/10/2017
BPFT 20170410AFR K238CC 156287 DALLAS TX LICEN 2/23/2017 ACCPT 4/11/2017
BPFT 20170411AAP K237FX 157257 CASAS ADOBES AZ LICEN 4/19/2017 ACCPT 4/12/2017
BPFT 20170515ACN W224DK 146901 DURHAM NC LICEN 2/27/2017 ACCPT 5/16/2017
BPFT 20170606AAA W261BU 92957 TALCOTTVILLE CT LICEN 3/28/2002 ACCPT 6/7/2017
BPFT 20170710ABF K256DB 144058 GLOBE AZ LICSL 7/6/2017 ACCPT 7/11/2017
BMPFT 20170714AKH W257AA 149788 CLANTON AL LICSL 5/19/2016 ACCPT 7/17/2017
BMPFT 20170717ACB W242AX 146140 AUBURN AL LICEN 8/17/2007 ACCPT 7/18/2017
BPFT 20170717ACN K245BZ 158270 TULSA OK LICEN 10/24/2014 ACCPT 7/18/2017
BMPFT 20170717ACX W293BI 141199 AUBURN AL LICEN 7/16/2007 ACCPT 7/18/2017
BMPFT 20170718AFZ K237GE 143059 OKLAHOMA CITY OK LICEN 5/2/2016 ACCPT 7/19/2017
BPFT 20170905AAV K252EB 154876 CLEBURNE TX LICEN 9/14/2013 ACCPT 9/6/2017
BPFT 20171023AAG K224DX 142619 SEWARD AK LICEN 10/27/2015 ACCPT 10/23/2017
BPFT 20171101ACL K256CJ 138161 SIERRA VISTA AZ LICSL 10/16/2017 ACCPT 11/2/2017
BPFT 20171101ACM K298BZ 140120 SIERRA VISTA AZ LICSL 4/27/2017 ACCPT 11/2/2017
BPFT 20171117AAT K276FF 142638 UNALASKA AK LICSL 12/29/2017 ACCPT 11/20/2017
BPFT 20171124AAH K258DA 156386 HOUSTON TX LICEN 4/18/2017 ACCPT 11/27/2017
BPFT 20171201AOQ W279CT 142410 CLERMONT FL LICEN 2/25/2014 ACCPT 12/4/2017
BPFT 20171213ABR W264DH 156685 EATONTOWN NJ LICEN 6/13/2017 ACCPT 12/14/2017
BPFT 20171226AAF K236BA 139109 RIFLE CO LICEN 5/1/2007 ACCPT 12/26/2017
BPFT 20171229ABE W256CL 152811 PARK FOREST IL LICEN 2/8/2016 ACCPT 1/2/2018
BPFT 20180111AAC K262CW 122163 WEATHERFORD OK LICEN 6/5/2017 ACCPT 1/12/2018
BPFT 20180117AAZ K258CP 156826 OROGRANDE NM LICEN 4/12/2017 ACCPT 1/18/2018
BNPFT 20180125ABK NEW 202029 EAGLE RIVER AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 RECVD 1/31/2018
BNPFT 20180130AEN NEW 202550 ANCHORAGE AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 RECVD 1/31/2018
BNPFT 20180131AFF NEW 202272 ELIM AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 CPREQ 1/31/2018
BPFT 20180215ACX W231CX 156311 SHIRLEY NY LICEN 12/5/2016 ACCPT 2/16/2018
BMPFT 20180221AAB W253AF 83187 NASHUA NH LICEN 12/5/2006 ACCPT 2/22/2018
BPFT 20180308ABB W261AX 150026 PITTSBURGH PA LICEN 5/21/2011 ACCPT 3/9/2018
BMPFT 20180314ABN K268CO 148497 LAKE LOS ANGELES CA LICEN 10/18/2016 ACCPT 3/15/2018
BPFT 20180314ADE K287BQ 148244 HOUSTON TX LICEN 9/3/2015 ACCPT 3/15/2018
BPFT 20180327AAF K220FR 76219 THOUSAND OAKS CA LICEN   ACCPT 3/28/2018
BPFT 20180327AAG K220HC 91759 STUDIO CITY CA LICEN 1/20/2012 ACCPT 3/28/2018
BMPFT 20180402ACG W244DS 89020 SOUTH BEND IN LICEN 10/14/2009 ACCPT 4/3/2018
BPFT 20180410AAU K212AN 6049 ESPANOLA NM LICEN   ACCPT 4/11/2018
BPFT 20180412AAD W268CJ 90744 CORRY PA LICEN 2/20/2018 ACCPT 4/13/2018
BPFT 20180412AAH K202EJ 93021 WELLSVILLE UT LICEN 5/1/2017 ACCPT 4/13/2018
BNPFT 20180418AFS NEW 202927 SOLDOTNA AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 ACCPT 4/19/2018
BNPFT 20180418AFW NEW 202191 SOLDOTNA AK CPOFF 5/16/2018 GRANT 5/16/2018
BNPFT 20180419ABM NEW 202143 FAIRBANKS AK CPOFF 5/16/2018 GRANT 5/16/2018
BNPFT 20180419ABR NEW 202482 BROOKINGS OR LICEN 5/23/2018 GRANT 5/16/2018
BNPFT 20180420AAG NEW 202142 FAIRBANKS AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 ACCPT 4/24/2018
BPFT 20180423AAT K286CO 148097 COLORADO SPRINGS CO LICEN 3/31/2017 ACCPT 4/23/2018
BPFT 20180423ABL W235BB 142482 HAUPPAUGE NY LICEN 12/6/2005 ACCPT 4/24/2018
BMPFT 20180423ABM W240DQ 199984 DOBSON NC CPOFF 1/4/2018 ACCPT 4/24/2018
BPFT 20180423ACA K239CH 158522 COLORADO SPRINGS CO LICEN 11/25/2016 ACCPT 4/24/2018
BPFT 20180424AAA W205CG 38916 CHARLESTON WV LICEN   ACCPT 4/25/2018
BPFT 20180424AAH K223BR 12353 MONTROSE CO LICEN   ACCPT 4/25/2018
BMPFT 20180424AAO W258CS 155986 LENOIR NC LICEN 12/30/2016 ACCPT 4/25/2018
BPFT 20180424AAR K225BS 140244 DENVER CO LICEN 11/2/2015 ACCPT 4/25/2018
BNPFT 20180425AAQ NEW 202906 HAGATA GU CPAPP 1/31/2018 ACCPT 5/1/2018
BPFT 20180425ABM W228DF 156373 ORLANDO FL LICEN 5/5/2017 ACCPT 4/26/2018
BPFT 20180425ABN K235CS 147229 HOUSTON TX LICEN 10/2/2007 ACCPT 4/26/2018
BPFT 20180427AAH W278BM 139568 WINSTON-SALEM NC LICEN 5/4/2012 ACCPT 4/30/2018
BPFT 20180427AAV W201BL 83550 JACKSONVILLE IL LICEN   ACCPT 4/30/2018
BPFT 20180430ACA W290DL 200434 LAWRENCEBURG TN LICEN 4/27/2018 ACCPT 5/1/2018
BMPFT 20180502ACH W290DJ 200983 MARYVILLE TN CPOFF 4/10/2018 ACCPT 5/3/2018
BPFT 20180503AAR K282BA 40720 MAUPIN OR LICSL 4/1/2018 ACCPT 5/4/2018
BPFT 20180503ABH K269GT 141207 HUMBLE TX LICSL 5/5/2018 ACCPT 5/4/2018
BPFT 20180503ABM K266CD 155850 COOS BAY OR LICEN 8/22/2016 ACCPT 5/4/2018
BMPFT 20180504ABQ K241DA 201312 AUSTIN TX LICEN 5/14/2018 ACCPT 5/7/2018
BPFT 20180507AAE W247DD 200875 NEON KY LICEN 5/2/2018 ACCPT 5/7/2018
BPFT 20180507ACU W242BN 147405 COMMERCE GA LICSL 9/11/2017 ACCPT 5/8/2018
BPFT 20180507ACV W225AH 142692 HUNTSVILLE AL LICEN 4/4/2007 ACCPT 5/8/2018
BNPFT 20180508AAK NEW 202240 KETCHIKAN-BEAR VALLE AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 ACCPT 5/10/2018
BNPFT 20180508AAN NEW 202193 JUNEAU AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 ACCPT 5/9/2018
BNPFT 20180508AAQ NEW 202195 JUNEAU AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 ACCPT 5/10/2018
BNPFT 20180508ABY NEW 202194 JUNEAU AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 ACCPT 5/10/2018
BNPFT 20180508ADF NEW 203189 KENAI -SOLDOTNA AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 ACCPT 5/14/2018
BNPFT 20180508ADH NEW 203220 KENAI -SOLDOTNA AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 ACCPT 5/14/2018
BNPFT 20180508ADI NEW 203204 NINILCHIK AK CPAPP 1/31/2018 ACCPT 5/14/2018
BPFT 20180509AAA W222BF 149343 COCHRAN GA LICEN 10/22/2014 ACCPT 5/10/2018
BPFT 20180514AAE K271CR 146671 CASA GRANDE AZ LICSL 4/30/2018 ACCPT 5/14/2018
BPFT 20180514ABZ W293AB 17796 KEENE NH LICEN   ACCPT 5/15/2018
BPFT 20180515AAK K208CW 88578 MONTEREY CA LICEN   ACCPT 5/16/2018

Again, we want to point out that Prometheus has raised some valid issues in regards to Section 5 where it comes assuring that new licenses are available for both LPFM stations and FM translator stations.  We feel that the issue is best resolved by dealing directly with the issue and not arbitrarily holding applicants hostage.  Again, let's work together and look at the plan that REC announced yesterday to determine how the other applicants are complying with Section 5.


About REC Networks:  REC is a leading policy voice supporting a citizen’s ability to access radio spectrum.  The advocacy side of REC was responsible for the writing of RM-11749, the 250-watt LPFM proposal.  Other REC advocacy initiatives include alternate spectrum for community radio expansion in areas where FM spectrum is not available, driving changes to the FCC rules to allow more flexibility for LPFM stations while remaining compliant with the Local Community Radio Act. REC serves all six segments of LPFM including cause-based organizations, public sector agencies, micro radio stations, community media organizations, secular educational organizations and faith-based organizations. REC also provides consulting and filing services for LPFM stations, FM translators (including FM translators related to smaller AM broadcast stations) and full-service FM stations.  More information at our website

Media contact:
Michelle Bradley
202 621-2355 opt 4