Statement of REC Networks on the departure of Commissioner Mignon Clyburn from the FCC

The airwaves belong to the people, not just a few CEOs and shareholders but to all of the people.  During her tenure at the FCC, Commissioner Clyburn's focus has been on the people and she was always looking for ways to bring more women and minorities into the ranks of broadcasters.  Some of REC's recent initiatives have been inspired by her aspirations to give a voice to those who do not have one.  Her speaking style was very eloquent and outspoken. She was not afraid to hold back.  This could be best evidenced in her dissent in the recent proceeding to repeal net neutrality.  At the FCC, she was a warrior and she will be deeply missed.  Hopefully, her legacy will carry over in her successor.  Thank you Mignon Clyburn for all you have done.  Your contribution didn't go unnoticed.