Statement of REC Networks: Retirement of Peter Doyle

With the news of the retirement of FCC Audio Division Bureau Chief Peter Doyle, I would like to publicly thank him for the hard work he has done for LPFM including the task of implementing the Local Community Radio Act of 2011 which not only assured that rules were changed to reflect the will of Congress but also to assure that spectrum in urban areas was made available for potential LPFM stations despite the "Great Translator Invasion" of 2003.   Actually, Doyle, like myself, has been involved with LPFM since day one.  First as a Deputy Chief in the Audio Division before taking on the role of Bureau Chief in 2001.  

All LPFM stations and many community NCE stations were originally licensed under Doyle's watch and as a result, Doyle can be credited in many ways for the implementation of community radio from the original and 2013 LPFM windows as well as the 2007 NCE window.  Doyle was very approachable and that is a good quality you don't find very much these days in government.

On behalf of REC Networks and likely many in community radio in general, we would like to thank you for your dedication to radio and we wish you the best for any future endeavors you may have.  You have definitely left a mark on the dial that will not be forgotten.

Michelle Bradley
REC Networks