Recent updates to

REC Networks has released a new version of with some new features.  These changes have not yet been incorporated into, our Japanese language broadcast lookup site. 

Facility Correspondence

In the facility header, a link Fac Correspondence has been added.  This will link to the correspondence folder at the FCC for the facility.  On older facilities, the correspondence folder will sometimes have good information including any mail sent to the station by the Commission as well as in some cases, copies of older broadcast licenses, especially for AM stations.  There's also a link to the history card for stations that have them. 

FRN Display

On many CDBS records (newer AM and FM radio), the FCC Registration Number (FRN) will now display and will be a link.  Clicking the link will bring up a list of every application associated with that FRN.  This is a good way to determine if this entitiy currently owns or previously owns any other broadcast stations.

Upper Right Menu

On the upper right side of newer CDBS records, you will now see some additional links to various resources at the FCC:

  • View Authorization will display on granted applications.  This will take you to a copy of the authorization (permit/license) at the FCC.  When you reach the FCC's site, you may need to wait a minute or two before clicking the next link as the FCC's system needs to generate a copy of the document. 
  • Correspondence will link to the correspondence folder for that specific application at the FCC.  This folder may include any objections and replies that were hand filed at the FCC as well as any letters from the FCC including any letter related to why a particular application was dismissed.
  • Public Notice Cmts will link to the comments that the FCC has or will put on the Broadcast Actions or Broadcast Applications public notice.  This may be a good place to look for additional information on older (pre-1999) records.

Silent History

For AM and FM as well as older TV records, shows dates of when a station was silent based on the historical data kept in CDBS.


REC is always looking at ways of making the most comprehensive broadcast query tool on the net!