Statement of REC Networks: Ajit Pai to be FCC Chairman

While Ajit Pai has been a major opponent of pro-consumer initatives such as network neutrality and has been a staunch supporter of the mega-mergers, he has been the first Commissioner in awhile to champion radio issues such as AM Revitalization and support for the proposed C4 service class.  While we will continue to oppose Pai on telecom related issues such as his opposition to net neutrality, we hope that he can see the value that LPFM stations provide to listeners on both sides of the aisle.  We are hoping the FCC will act favorable to our LCRA challenge to the to-be-announced FM translator window to assure participation by current LPFM licensees in accordance with the "community need" provision of the Act.  We also hope the FCC under Pai will consider LP-250 along with C4 in a single package.

The spectrum of LPFM stations spreads from the alt-left to the alt-right and all points in-between. Remember, the LCRA was a bipartisian bill. 

More information on Pai's possible appointment: