LPFM Dismissal Letters

On this page, we will compile a list of FCC dismissal letters on LPFM applications that go beyond the dismissals for proposing short-spaced facilities.  Use this page as a reference to what has been tried in the past and did not pass the muster of the FCC.

Lancaster Educational Broadcast Service KLQS-LP 
BMPL-20170123GBW (1/27/17) - 870(a) waiver denied. 20.5 km move of unconstructed station without contour overlap moving well away from existing community of license. Claiming that current site has no power and all surrounding land is USFS. FCC finds that no sufficient analysis was done within the minor change area "and beyond" to show availability of compliant locations.

Minority Educational Broadcasting, Inc.  WPRD-LP
BPL-20170123FLD (1/24/17) - Applicant used Form 318 solely to inform the Commission in the change of board members.  Applicant should have used Form 316 if the original parties to the permit are not retaining at least 50% interest. 

The Church In Atlanta WRUX-LP
BMPL-20170103AAQ (1/23/17) - Proposed facility short spaced to translator. Application attempted to use contour protection.  FCC dismisses stating that "contour protection is not used in the LPFM service.  Co-channel interference protection as described in §73.807 is accomplished through the use of minimum distance separation (spacing) only."

Mendocino Environmental Center KMEC-LP
BMPL-20161116AAP (12/1/16) - Requested a move of 11.5 km. No request for waiver on original application.

Gospel American Network KKVI-LP
BMPL-20160426AAU (12/12/16) - Requested a move of 26.6 km.  FCC did a search for registered towers within 5.6 km and did not find any viable facilities.  It did find unregistered towers using antennasearch.com.  

Best of Billings Schools Association KFHW-LP
BPL-20161011ABV (10/20/16) - Requested a move of 7.7 km without waiver request.

Cateret County Schools-Broad Creek Middle WZED-LP
BPL-20160914ABQ (10/13/16) - Requested a move of 11.6 km without waiver request.

The Emperor's Circle of Shen Yun NEW-LP
BMPL-20160923ADS (9/29/16) - MX27 station attempting to move closer to the K268DD translator. 

Columbia Hispanic Education Family Fundation NEW-LP
BMPL-20160830ACE (9/15/16) - Non-adjacent channel change moving from a channel that only receives partial first-adjacent channel incoming interference to another channel that is entirely within the co-channel interfering contour of a full-power station. 

Barry University WBUJ-LP
BMPL-20160815AAJ (9/6/16) - Non-adjacent channel change to break out of a time share agreement.  REC disagrees with this dismissal as we were successful in the past to do a similar channel change in Seattle to break a time share into two unlimited operations.