FAQ: If I was the person who founded an LPFM station and still operate it, is it appropriate for me to refer to myself as the 'owner' of the station?

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No, it is not.  This is because you are not the "owner" of the station.  LPFM stations are licensed to non-profit corporations, not individuals.  Even if you dedicated your life to the operation of the station, you are merely a principal of the corporation and are responsible for caretaking the corporation in accordance with state and federal laws.  The true "owner" of the station is the non-profit corporation.  Unlike commercial stations, individuals do not have assets in the license, only votes on the board of directors.  This means that an LPFM station (or any other noncommercial educational facility) can't be considered in any kind of a civil case (such as control and "ownership" of a facility in a divorce proceeding).  

More appropriate titles would be "president", "founder" and "principal"... but no, you are not the "owner".


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Friday, December 31, 2021