eLMS: REC Application and Facility ID Numbers

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REC Application IDs  (reciD)

In CDBS, the FCC used an integer (all-numeric) value for application identifiers which are used to "key" to the various tables in that database structure.  When the FCC introduced LMS, they decided to use a hexidecimal format as the key to link various databases.  In order to be better compatible with the various legacy REC functions that were originally designed using the CDBS method, REC has created a separate numbering range to assign an integer (all-numeric) application ID number for each LMS application.  This also allows users to easily key in the application ID for certain applications (such as the U/D Calculator) which are based on the application.  Every time an LMS application is filed, our systems will assign an REC application ID number and then map that number to the hexidecimal application ID assigned by LMS.  The REC assigned application ID for engineering applications can be viewed in FCCdata.org.   We also have separate numbering space for applications for other eLMS supported systems (such as IBFS) and REC projects (such as Radio History).  

recIDs for LMS originated applications (5,000,000~6,999,999 series) are considered REC Open Data.  For more information on implementing recID and to download the current dataset (updated daily), visit our recID Information Page.

The REC Application ID is indicated in eLMS raw data as rec_application_id in tables application and applist_*.

Range Use
1~1,999,999 CDBS applications as generated by the CDBS system.
2,000,000~2,999,999 TV applications filed in LMS that flowed into CDBS.  (These application IDs were assigned by the FCC)
3,000,000~3,999,999 REC assigned application IDs for the Radio History Project.
5,000,000~6,999,999 LMS applications.  REC assigns a sequential application ID and maps it to the LMS hexidecimal application ID.
9,000,000~9,999,999 IBFS (International Broadcast Stations and 325 Authorizations).  REC assigned, based on 9 followed by the six digit, zero-filled, IBFS application key.

Facility IDs

In most cases, Facility ID numbers are assigned by the FCC.  With the introduction of LMS, all new Facility IDs are in a new numbering range.  REC has a separate range of Facility IDs for non CDBS/LMS services.

Range Description
-10 Vacant domestic allotments.
-3 Allotments in the British Virgin Islands and British West Indies
-2 Allotments in Mexico
-1 Allotments in Canada
1~299,999 FCC Facility IDs for facilities originally created in CDBS.
610,000~619,999 REC generated Facility IDs for International Broadcast Stations and eventually 325 authorizations originally created in IBFS. (These Facility ID numbers are not recognized at the FCC.)
690,000~699,999 Future block for REC psuedo facilities.
700,000~899,999 FCC Facility IDs for facilities originally created in LMS.
900,000~919,999 REC psuedo facilities used to track requests that are not directly tied to a facility ID (such as filing window prospects).  This range will be migrating to 69xxxx at a future time.