07/11/2019 myLPFM MB 19-193 Channel 6 waiver phase 1 Enhancement myLPFM v3
06/13/2019 LMS public notices Enhancement
05/23/2019 FCCdata US FM & History Project enhancements Manual data update, Enhancement
05/11/2019 REC-FM/J1xtra streaming hardware Enhancement J1 XTRA audio streaming, Delmarva FM audio streaming
05/10/2019 FCCdata: Issues with US Broadcast Records REC systems issue
05/03/2019 Launch U/D Tool Enhancement REC Website Content
04/30/2019 Radio History Project: completion of New York FM, minor enhancements to FCCdata to support RHP Manual data update, Enhancement
04/28/2019 Radio History Project for FM Broadcast Enhancement
04/26/2019 MyLPFM Super Power and HD Hijack support Enhancement myLPFM v3
04/20/2019 FCCdata: Mexico update/US 45 dBu contour - call sign history Manual data update, Enhancement