REC API - towerfind - Search for registered towers


This API searches a target location for nearby registered towers within the radius specified.

This API is considered closed data and is only available to those with a specific client relationship with REC to access the APIs. 

For demonstration purposes and to encourage development, queries in the state of North Dakota can be ran without subscription and API key.






key hex(32) Required except for demo in North Dakota.

API key provided by REC Networks.

lat decimal required

Latitude of the target site.  This is NAD83 datum in decimal form.  South latitude (American Samoa) is a negative number.

lon decimal required

Longitude of the target site. This is NAD83 datum in decimal form. West longitude (all areas except Guam & CNMI) is a negative number.

rad decimal required

Radius to search in kilometers. (must be between 1 and 99)


HTTP Code 200

found int

Number of records found.

site schema

Details about each specific site.


asrn int

Antenna structure registration number (ASRN).

entity varchar(80)

Name of the entity that holds the antenna structure registration.

address varchar(80)

Address of the tower

city varchar(40)

City the tower is located in.

state varchar(2)

State that the tower is located in.

zip varchar(5)

ZIP Code that the tower is located in.

height decimal

Overall tower height in meters.

structureType varchar(20)

String that describes the type of structure.

distance decimal

Distance from the target location in kilometers.

bearing decimal

Direction (in degrees) from the target location.

lat decimal

NAD83 Latitude of tower site location.

lon decimal

NAD83 Longitude of tower site location.


  "found": 3,
  "site": [
      "asrn": "1018219",
      "entity": "Crown Castle",
      "address": "9032 BALBOA BLVD",
      "city": "NORTHRIDGE",
      "state": "CA",
      "zip": "91343",
      "height": "19.8",
      "structureType": "MTOWER",
      "distance": "0.4",
      "bearing": 255.2,
      "lat": "34.2345278",
      "lon": "-118.5005833"
      "asrn": "1229258",
      "entity": "VBT SUB 2 LLC",
      "address": "9440 Balboa Blvd.  LA54XC537A",
      "city": "Northridge",
      "state": "CA",
      "zip": "91343",
      "height": "13.1",
      "structureType": "POLE",
      "distance": "0.7",
      "bearing": 341.3,
      "lat": "34.2415278",
      "lon": "-118.5021111"
      "asrn": "1272889",
      "entity": "T-Mobile West LLC",
      "address": "9058-1/2 North Hayvenhurst Avenue  (SV01978C)",
      "city": "Los Angeles",
      "state": "CA",
      "zip": "91343",
      "height": "18.6",
      "structureType": "TOWER",
      "distance": "1.0",
      "bearing": 269,
      "lat": "34.2352500",
      "lon": "-118.4936944"

Rate Limiting

The general rate limit for unauthenticated accesses across all REC APIs is 20 calls per minute (one call every 3 seconds).  Calls to other REC non-API services subject to rate limiting also contribute to this count.  These other services may have lower rate limits.  For authenticated users, the rate limit will be based on negotiations with REC Networks for API access.