Advertising opportunities on REC services

Place your banner ad on FCCdata and support our efforts!

The broadcast-related and radio hobby industries now have an expensive method of reaching those who use FCC broadcast data.  

REC's is now offering the availability of a 500 x 64 rotating banner in a prominent location above the fold on station results (above the map).   This includes US broadcast results, traveler's information stations, US and Candian amateur radio listings, Canadian broadcast listings, UK broadcast listings, Ireland RTE listings, Australian broadcast and narrowcast listings and Japan  broadcast listings. is currently experiencing an average of 4.2 K page views (5.1 K on weekdays) with over 430 average daily vistors with an average of 168 new vistors every day (average 213 on weekdays).  

Rotating banner offer

REC is making available this space for non-competing clients.  At this time, we will offer 5 slots in a random shuffle.  Unsold slots will be used for promotion of REC services or other purposes at our discretion.    Space at this location will be available for $75 per slot for 30 calendar days.  You may purchase from 1 to 5 slots based on availability. 

Persistent banner offer

REC is also making an opportunity for an advertiser to have a banner that is persistent on the FCCdata station results throughout the campaign period.  This 500 x 64 banner will appear above the map and above the rotating banner.  REC will make this space available for $500 for 30 calendar days (or $250 for 15 calendar days).  This sponsorship will allow you access to all FCCdata page views and visitors of station data pages.  

At this time, only one rotating banner ad unit and one persistent banner ad unit will be displayed on FCCdata.

Associate your brand with REC's efforts

This is a great way to show your support for REC's effort and get on board with the fastest growing and most extensive broadcast data site.  For Canada, FCCdata is the primary source of broadcast data for Wikipedia.  Unlike Radio-Locator, FCCdata does not have any limitations on viewing broadcast data. Restrictions are only on map viewing but even with that restriction, the ads will still be seen. 

If you are seriously interested in reserving space on FCCdata, please use the contact form and let us know. 

Ad banner content guidelines

  • Ads must be related to the radio and television broadcast industry, hobbies related to radio including amateur radio and STEM subjects (especially the promotion of women in STEM).
  • Client is responsible for providing their banner for review and loading.  REC does not provide any graphic design services.  (A 468x60 banner ad unit can scale up to our 500x64 format)
  • Ad copy should remain the same.  We can change ad copy once per month.  Advertisers purchasing multiple slots can have different ad copy in the different slots.
  • Ads may not compete with REC services.  This includes but is not limited to:
    • Those providing FCC filing and broadcast channel search services for FM, AM and TV stations.
    • Providers of free or paid online resources for broadcasting data and channel searching.
    • Providers of East Asian (Japanese, Korean and Chinese) oriented entertainment.
    • Non-profits and other organizations promoting positions that conflict with REC's published and unpublished positions.
  • Ads will not be accepted for organizations involved in the sale of equipment that is not certified or type accepted or otherwise marketed in a manner where the equipment could be used for purposes illegal in the United States. 
  • Ads must be "G-rated", unoffensive and free of political references, misogyny, xenophobia,  homophobia and transphobia.  
  • Ads must be either static GIF, JPG or PNG graphics.  Reasonable animated GIFs may be permitted at the discretion of REC.  Flash and other similar methods will not be utilized.  All ad units will be hosted on REC servers and we will not point to any ad networks.
  • Ads must be linked directly to the advertisers site domain and will not be linked to an advertising network.

If this will work for you, please contact REC and we can work with you.  Thank you for your support!